Butcher block Tables are defined as slabs of wood that are made of hard wood that provide for a durable cutting surface mounted on table bases. These surfaces are typically glued together in edge-grain or end-grain style and oiled to prevent cracking and warping. Combined with the efficiency and design of a common work table, butcher block tables supply a safe work space for cooking and food preparation. These tables can be stable or moveable if equipped with wheels, to accommodate the need for a portable serving space and a cutting board to prepare breads, cheeses, meats, cheeses, vegetables and other types of food.

Many butcher block countertops, kitchen islands and tables are purposed to be work stations, but they are equally useful for serving food on. They have legs and strong frames that can handle almost anything. They often have wheels included so they are conveniently portable and ideal for small kitchens that need space saving types of furniture.

Most butcher block tables include many functional options for storage, such as utensil holders, bottle racks, drop-leaf additions, storage drawers, towel bars and storage cabinets. These tables are offered in an abundance of decorative styles such as traditional, contemporary, country, modern and eclectic styles. They can be constructed with many beautiful wood types like Red oak, Teak Northern Maple, Teak, Beach, Walnut, Bamboo and Poplar. They can also be combined with other popular materials including glass, copper, stone, and stainless steel. There are many finish options for the wood, including: stained, natural, powered, painted and coated with water-resistant, food-safe materials to be used outdoors.

It is important to know that Butcher block tops that are placed on a kitchen island or table surface do require a certain amount of maintenance and care, as is the case with other types of wood-based butcher block surfaces used in home and commercial kitchens. It needs to be kept away from excess moisture, but should be seasoned or oiled with mineral oils on a monthly basis. Spills need to be wiped and cleaned up immediately to avoid stains and only mild detergents should be used to regularly clean the wood surface of the block.

A butcher block table is the ideal combination of a highly versatile and useful design of the standard work table meeting the diverse design of practical durability that you get out of the butcher block surface for cutting. A butcher block table differs from a free-standing kitchen island in that it is a work essential and much more than merely a covered cabinet. Instead, a butcher block table implements innovation into more than simple storage and aesthetics. Butcher blocks are offered in a plethora of sizes, shapes, wood types, and thicknesses. They provide a safe surface to work on that is not easily damaged from the sharp array of cutlery nor do they pose any damage to any type of cutlery.