A butcher block is a cutting surface specifically designed to be used in meat processing. Usually, a butcher block has a thick surface and rugged design which can easily sustain heavy blows from powerful cleavers and other such knives. As the name suggests, butchers and even professional chefs have been using these countertops for many years. In the last few years, they have also become popular among home chefs who appreciate the numerous benefits of butcher block countertops. These days, you can find butcher blocks in various styles and designs on online stores. However, before you purchase one, it will be important to understand what a butcher block is and why you need it.

An Overview of Butcher Block Countertops

Thick strips of hardwood are glued together to make butcher block countertops. Due to this, these countertops have a very solid surface. Although Maple is the most popular material for making these countertops, some manufacturers even use cherry, oak and walnut. In fact, you can use almost any sort of wood to make a butcher block countertop. It is important to understand that the countertop would be better if it’s made of a hard species of wood.

What is a butcher block and why do you need it? This is the most common question homeowners ask themselves before installing a butcher block countertop. Your purpose will define your choice. Butcher block countertops come in two different finishes. One is for cutting and food preparation, while the other is used for service or display. Both these types have distinct advantages. Therefore, it is important to know more about the benefits of a butcher block and why you need it before you make a choice.

Perfect for Cutting and Chopping

Oil-finished and unfinished butcher blocks are perfect for chopping and cutting. Raw wood can be easily rubbed with oil. This locks in moisture and keeps the wood protected. Scratches and stains from food preparation can be easily removed with a sanding block. You just need to sand the stain away, rub mineral oil and your butcher block will look brand new.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Sealed BUTCHER BLOCK COUNTERTOPS are extremely easy to clean and maintain. However, they cannot be used for cutting. Their finish can be easily scratched with knives and leave marks that cannot be sanded away. But these butcher blocks can maintain consistent appearance and color for a long period. They are also resistant to water.


The best part is that butcher blocks can be used in many different ways. You can use them for cutting and chopping. They are also very easy to be moved around. You can even use them as countertops to cover kitchen islands. This converts your entire counter into a perfect cutting surface. Butcher Block Countertops can also be refinished easily to look as good as new.

It is very important to care for a butcher block. You need to regularly wash it with mild soap and hot water. Before you use it again, it should be dried completely. You should also apply mineral oil to keep the wood in good condition. If you’re still not clear about a butcher block and why you need it, the answer’s simple. It provides good value for money and lasts a very long time, while helping you prepare food easily.